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Set your HR free from legacy payroll tools and practices with Pocket HCM.

Pocket HCM: All-inclusive Payroll Software

Cloud Based Payroll Software

Redefine Payroll

From IT to manufacturing and hospitality to retail enterprises, all our customers rely on Pocket HCM, a cloud payroll software. Intelligent leave and time tracking, attendance management, employee self-service portal app, loan tracking and the quintessential payroll processing, our cloud payroll management software does it all in a seamless fashion.

Payroll Software in India

Excellent Automation to give you total VALUE for money

Yes, excellent automation abilities make Pocket HCM one of the best payroll software in India. It eliminates the tiring process of manual computations of salary, employee tax, loans, incentives, etc. saving efforts and time for HR professionals. Days of redundant-free payroll are here.

Payroll Systems

Light on POCKET

With no need to invest in additional hardware and IT crew, our cloud payroll software helps to save a decent amount of money. This makes Pocket HCM a front-runner for a multitude of businesses.

Payroll Solution

Fully Scalable: Grows with your Business

With pocket-friendly SaaS based subscription plans, our cloud payroll management system offers you the liberty to pay-as-you-go. Makes it easy to blend in with organisational changes addressing all the evolving payroll and HRM challenges seamlessly without exceeding the budget. Check out our SaaS plans here.