Leave Management System

Simplify and Streamline your entire leave management process.

Leave Management System

Leave Tracking System

Intelligent Leave Tracking System!

Bid farewell to the tiring process of approving and tracking leaves on emails/phones. Pocket HCM is a comprehensive leave management software with intelligent leave tracking system offering excellent flexibility to manage leave applications, track leaves of employees, update leave policies and much more.

Employee leave Management system

Efficient Leave Software!

Employees do require time off from work be it due to illness or a vacation, they also might work for overtime. Thus, it is important to keep a tab of all the leaves taken by them for smooth and error-free payroll processing. Pocket HCM is an efficient leave software that enables you to keep a bird’s eye view on leaves, track leave patterns and more at the click of a button.

Leave Management Software India

Detailed HR MIS reports on the go!

Manage leave encashment, generate and import detailed MIS reports for individual employee with Pocket HCM, your budget-friendly and intuitive leave management software. Pocket HCM works great to automate the intricate and tedious process of leave management.

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