Human Resource Management Software

Pocket HCM - One stop HRMS tool for managing end-to-end HR operations.

HRMS software - Easy to use and light on pocket!

Human Resources Management System

HR System tailored to your needs!

Our web-based (SaaS) human resource management software helps you stay clear from buying expensive IT systems that are cumbersome to maintain. All you need is a robust Internet connection and a web browser to use our HRMS solution. Create HR MIS reports with our intelligent HR system at the click of a button.

HR Management Software

More POWER to you!

A fully scalable and user-friendly payroll software that allows you to process payroll, do tax calculations and manage statutory compliances like a pro. Our HR Management System simplifies the tedious task of managing income tax calculations/deductions, PF, PT, etc. by automating your entire payroll process.

HRMS Software

Peerless Attendance Management

Employee time tracking and attendance management is no more a nightmare! With Pocket HCM’s intelligent time tracking functionality, keeping track of employee time and attendance is a cakewalk. Eureka! Error-free salary calculations on your way. Our time tracking software automates and simplifies the complex process of time and attendance tracking.

HRMS Solution

Budget-friendly HRMS Software

Get rid of expensive IT infrastructure and systems that turn non-compliant and redundant over time. As you don’t invest in additional IT systems, our cloud based HR management software helps your business save a fortune. This is what makes Pocket HCM a perfect pick-me-up human resource management system.