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Pocket HCM is one of the trusted HR software companies in Hyderabad.

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Hyderabad also popularly known as Cyberabad has witnessed a steep surge in business development and tech infrastructure. In fact, it is a breeding ground for some of the biggest tech giants making it a preferred city for employment and business opportunities.

Considering this phenomenal boom and need for better employee management tools, we take great pride in presenting Pocket HCM, a known payroll software in Hyderabad. Be it employee onboarding, full and final settlement, performance tracking/ appraisals, tracking leaves or managing work hours of employees, Pocket HCM answers every query when it comes to having the best HR software Hyderabad.

Intelligent Time Tracking

It’s good to see more and more companies embracing the flexible work culture, but this trend is taking a toll on HR personnel, as it gets challenging for these people to track work hours of employees efficiently. Nevertheless, Pocket HCM is one such payroll software in Hyderabad that tackles this dilemma seamlessly.

Yes, it automates the entire process of tracking employee work hours. Since it’s one of the trusted cloud based HR software in Hyderabad, you can access all your attendance and leave data on the go. Supports integration with most of the biometric attendance devices used in companies these days.

Manage Leaves like a Pro

We understand that employees do need time off from work be it because of a holiday or illness and they also at times might have to work for extended hours. This makes it essential for HR department to keep a tab of all the leaves taken and overtime for error-free payroll processing.

Pocket HCM comes with an automated and efficient leave management module making the entire task of managing leaves a piece of cake for HR department. Get a comprehensive view of leaves, track leave patterns of specific employees and a lot more with just a few clicks.

To find out why we are one of the favoured payroll software companies in Hyderabad, contact us here. . You can also reach out to us at or SMS SAGE to 56767 or give us a shout out at Facebook or Twitter.


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