Pocket HCM - A Trusted Name for HR Payroll Software in Bangalore

Pocket HCM is one of the leading payroll software providers in Bangalore.

Your One-stop Hub for HR Software in Bangalore

Pocket HCM is an all-inclusive employee management software serving businesses of all sizes and verticals across Bangalore. We understand the burgeoning human capital management needs in the IT capital of country i.e., Bangalore.

Pocket HCM is a comprehensive suite of HR solutions to address the various painpoints encountered by HR professionals. In fact, it is designed to make the lives of HR people a lot easier and hassle-free. Well-configured, ready-to-deploy and cloud-ready makes Pocket HCM a perfect pick-me-up HR software in Bangalore.

The Best Cloud Based Payroll Software in Bangalore

Pocket HCM’s robust and spot-on automation capabilities make it perfect for end-to-end payroll processing. Keeping abreast with the recent technological advancements, Pocket HCM is a cloud ready HR software in Bangalore to provide you with a streamlined, agile and scalable HCM experience.

Since it’s a cloud-based solution, your HR operations turn paperless and swift.

Designed for Effective Millennial Workforce Management

As we know millennials dominate the workforce these days and Bangalore is not an exception. In fact, the city has turned a hot favourite among the Gen-Y. Pocket HCM is mobile ready, which means your HR department can get into action even on the run.

On the other hand, employees get access to employee self service app, wherein they can check and update their personal details, download salary slips, check PF/TDS details, etc. via their handheld devices from anywhere and anytime.

With local presence, Pocket HCM is one of the trusted payroll software providers in Bangalore. So now you know where to head when it comes to HR solutions Bangalore.

To learn more about our HRMS software, click here. You can also write to us at sales@sagesoftware.co.in or SMS SAGE to 56767 or give us a shout out at Facebook or Twitter.


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