Biometric Attendance System

Get real-time attendance data with our smart biometric time attendance system.

Biometric Attendance System

Fingerprint Biometric System

Get real time data at your fingertips!

Our smart cloud based HR software integrates seamlessly with almost all the biometric attendance machines used in companies these days enabling accurate and timely attendance management of employees. With real time employee attendance data at your fingertips, Pocket HCM is the best biometric attendance system in India.

Biometrics Attendance Machine

Make room for spot-on attendance tracking

Our cloud based biometric time attendance system caters as the perfect alternative for those legacy and traditional system or methods used for attendance management. Since it automates the entire process, the result is spot-on time data derived from biometric attendance machine. This in turn leads to error-free and accurate paychecks.

Biometrics Attendance Machine

Centralized data processing

For a company that has a good chunk of mobile workforce reporting in from remote locations, our cloud based HRIS solution proves to be a boon. Since it integrates well with a wide range of biometric attendance machines and records data on centralized cloud servers, HR people get easy and instant access to the same from any place and at any time.

Biometric Attendance Software

Smart tracking and reporting

Our intuitive cloud based and centralized biometric time attendance system sends out text messages and emails to the concerned HR personnel when an employee clocks in or clocks out. This makes the entire process of extracting reports pertaining to attendance records, leave patterns and work timings a lot easier.